What is Accident Supplement?
Receive cash benefits for medical expenses if you have an accident.
Accidents are unpredictable and can lead to high medical bills, which your insurance may not fully cover.

With Accident Medical Expense Insurance, you’ll receive cash reimbursements for eligible medical expenses. A deductible may apply before benefits are paid.

This is guaranteed-issue insurance for all individuals and their families.
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Clear and straight to the point.
Select your benefit level
AME reimbursements range from $2,500 to $10,000.
You experience an accident that requires care
Even simple injuries may incur medical or treatment expenses.
Submit a claim
Leftover expenses after insurance benefits have been paid can be reimbursed with an AME claim.
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AME Plans & Pricing
Even with health insurance, you’re still likely to have medical bills and expenses. AME Insurance can help by providing cash reimbursements for outstanding medical expenses after insurance has paid its portion.

This AME plans also comes with Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. AD&D pays a cash benefit if you or a covered family member suffers a covered loss from an accident.
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6 million
Car accidents happen in the United States per year. That's one accident every 60 seconds, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration.¹
Percentage of Americans worried about being able to afford an unexpected medical bill.²
5.5 days
Average length of a hospital stay in the United States.³
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