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You can save on costs and increase plan flexibility, without sacrificing quality.
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Empower your employees
Employees select their healthcare plan
Your employees choose the healthcare and benefits package that works the best for their situation and region, benefiting from lower rates on your state's individual exchange.
Reimburse their costs tax-free
Your employees submit a request for their tax-free reimbursement in Liferaft's easy-to-use 100% digital portal. You decide what level you would like to reimburse.
Gain flexibility, without losing quality
Liferaft’s technology makes it easy to give your employees a choice in their healthcare, saving you time and money, while providing the same level of benefits.  
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Why Employers Love Saving With Liferaft

Customizable for all employers
With Liferaft, set a monthly benefit allowance and define your qualified expenses, employees can use their benefits on any qualified medical expense they choose—including healthcare premiums.
Liferaft allows employers to fund all or part of their employees' health insurance costs with pre-tax dollars, freeing up budget without sacrificing benefits.
Employees choose how to use their benefits, rather than being stuck in a one-size-fits-all group plan. This flexibility lets employees tailor their coverage to their health, budget, region, and family situation.
What's included in your analysis?
  • Review of your current existing health insurance related costs
  • Potential replacement plans and total cost
  • Optional additional benefits
  • Total savings per year and per employee
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We Make It Easy For You To Save
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Liferaft will help you craft your budget for health insurance and other optional benefits that your employees will find valuable.
Set up your accounts
Liferaft’s technology makes setting up and managing your health expense accounts easy.